Lotte Finck

National Representative Denmark

Aalborg University
Communications Manager

Lotte Finck is  Communications Manager in the School of Information and Communications Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark.
She is an experienced project manager heading large-scale projects at university and industry level.

Her work areas cover corporate branding, internal and external communications including press, media relations, brand strategy, marketing campaigns, concept development, on-line communication, social media and project management.
She has attended various courses in  management, press relations/coverage, CSR, strategic communications, corporate branding, social media, brand marketing, story telling, CMS.

Her work experience spans from personal assistant, project manager to  communications manager.

Lotte participates in a series of national and international networks, such as European Consortium of Innovative Universities and is a member of BrainsBusiness Branding Board.

She is the national representative for Denmark on the EUPRIO Steering Committee.