Jürg Dinner

Universität Zürich
Head of communications

Since 2015, Jürg Dinner is Head of Communications of the University of Zurich after two years of leading the communications department of the Swiss National Science Foundation. Before he was PR consultant and teaching at Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Until 2012, Jürg served as the Head of Political Affairs & Environment at Swiss International Airlines. Before assuming this position he was the Managing Director and Head of Corporate Communications and was in charge of all the company's external and internal communications worldwide. Previously, Jürg was responsible for the corporate communications of Coca-Cola's various Swiss-based subsidiaries (2002-2004) and, before that, the worldwide business and financial communications of Munich-based automobile manufacturer BMW Group (1996-2002).

He studied business administration at Zürich University. He is fluent in German and English and also speaks some French and Italian. He and his wife live in Zürich and have a little son. In his spare time he enjoys running and rowing.

Jürg Dinner is board member of SUPRIO, the Swiss universities public relations and informations officers conference, and deputy Swiss delegate of EUPRIO.