Denis Ancion

Auditor of EUPRIO

Universiteit Maastricht
Director Marketing & Communications

Denis Ancion is the Director Marketing and Communications at Maastricht University.

The marketing communications department is responsible for the M&C strategy and advise, reputation and issue management, brand management, internal and external communications, national and international student recruitment,  public affairs and data management. Next too these responsibilities the M&C department has three shared centers of expertise: Event management, editing and digital innovation.

Denis started working at Maastricht University in 1997. Before working at the university Denis produced radio programs and  worked as a spokesman at DSM, a Dutch multinational. Since 2000 Denis has been active in all kinds of national and international associations and task forces. Among these he was for more than 5 years chairman of DCM (the Dutch consultative body of directors Marketing and Communications at the Dutch Research Universities) and former president of EUPRIO. At the moment Denis is vice president of the association.

Denis studied history at Utrecht University. He combined this study with mayors in Economics and Public Relations.

Due to his experience and knowledge Denis has a broad overview of all kinds of marketing and communications and managerial aspects which are of importance for HE organizations.