Registration process
You can register to the conference on MyEUPRIO. It takes 5 minutes for people who already have a MyEUPRIO account and 10 minutes for who don’t have it.



Registration to the conference in 7 steps:

  1. Login with your e-mail and password on MyEUPRIO;
  2. Click on the conference banner on the homepage of your MyEUPRIO profile;
  3. Fill in the few data missed, check the data for invoice. If needed you can update/change some data. Click “next” to go to the Conference items page;
  4. Choose the parallel sessions you are interested in, taking in count that you can select 1 masterclass or 2 workshops per each session (Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning and Tuesday afternoon). You could select “I will take my choice later” if you haven’t already decided. The maximum number of participants per each masterclass is 40 and per each workshop is 20. As soon as an activity is fully booked, you cannot select it anymore (you will see a grey bullet and “fully booked”). Click “next” to go to the Social event page;
  5. Choose the social events you are interested in (if you have declared that you have a companion, you can select the number of participants per each activity). Click “next” to go to the Extra conference trip page;
  6. Select the trip you would like to take part on Wednesday June 19 or “no choice” if you are not interested in any (you can change your mind till the deadline). Click “next” to go to the Travel and accommodation page;
  7. Select the dates of your arrival and departure and the hotel you have booked. Please remember to take care yourself to your room reservation, looking to the “Suggested accommodation” on the website, click on “save draft” and on “submit”. You will see your completed form before submit it. You will receive an e-mail with a pdf copy of it and you can update and download it from the homepage of your MyEUPRIO profile.

If you are not EUPRIO member 2019, you can also fill in the membership form on MyEUPRIO before registering to the conference, in order to get the special conference fees discount for members. If you are not member 2019 the option “Member 2019” is not available (it appears in grey color) as option in the field “Status” on the conference registration form. Read how to become EUPRIO member 2019.

About the registration process remember that:

  1. Before filling in the conference registration form you are requested to complete your “personal data” (a pop-up tell you which compulsory data are missed). Then you can click on “Conference 2019” (on the orange bar) to start your conference registration again. Most of your data are already in, but you can update them if needed (e.g. the data for invoice);
  2. Inside your MyEUPRIO profile you can pass from one page to the other at any time (e.g. from “personal data” to “conference 2019” (they are all on the orange bar). From the conference registration form you can go back to your MyEUPRIO profile clicking on the link “Go back to My Euprio” above the orange bar on the right;
  3. You should save your data for not losing them clicking on “save draft” at the bottom of each page
  4. You can fill in your registration to the conference at different times before June 8th, doing again the login on MyEuprio and clicking on “Conference 2019” on the orange bar or on the pencil beside the banner of the conference;
  5. After submitting your registration, you will receive your invoice by e-mail;
  6. EUPRIO will send you a receipt of payment as soon as it arrives on the bank account and you will see on the homepage of your MyEUPRIO profile a banner saying “Conference registration completed”;
  7. You can follow the status of your registration to the conference on the homepage of your MyEuprio profile, where you will se a banner changing colour an text as soon as something change: 
    – first step: conference registration sent (yellow)
    – second step: conference registration pending payment (yellow)
    – third step: conference registration completed (green)
    – fourth step: conference registration incomplete payment (red) e.g. if you add a companion later on
  8. On the homepage of your MyEuprio profile you can download your registration form filled in (box beside the conference status).