ANNUAL ConferenceS ORGANISED BY EUPRIO (1986 – 2019)

Conference Theme

I Euprio Conference
“Information outreach 1992”

Leuven & Brussel (Belgium)

April 6-9, 1989

II Euprio Conference
“Higher Education information flows in Europe. A southern perspective”

Siena (Italy)

April 27-29, 1990

III Euprio Conference
“Higher Education and PR competition within European community”

Berlin (Germany)

October 8-11, 1991

IV Euprio Conference
“New horizons”

Granada (Spain)

October 20-25, 1992

V Euprio Conference
“Communication and the responsible university”

Stockholm (Sweden)

June 10-12, 1993

VI Euprio Conference
“Europe 2000: the challenge of the market”

Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

September 1-4, 1994

VII Euprio Conference
“Threats to universities: challenges to PR”

Zurich (Switzerland)

August 31-September 3, 1995

VIII Euprio Conference
“Communication and the changing university”

Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

June 13-16, 1996

IX Euprio Conference
“Impact of new technologies on the communication of universities in Europe”

Strasbourg (France)

September 4-7, 1997

X Euprio Conference
“The networking university of tomorrow. Innovation and challenges in the communications of European universities”

Heidelberg (Germany)

September 3-6, 1998

XI Euprio Conference
“Trans national co-operation – trans national university information system”

Copenhagen-Malmo-Lund (Denmark-Sweden)

August 26-29, 1999

XII Euprio Conference
“Universities’ communication: torn between academia and business”

Lecce (Italy)

September 7-10, 2000

XIII Euprio Conference
“The challenge of change”

Rovaniemi (Finland)

June 14-17, 2001

XIV Euprio Conference
“University communication: a strategy to achieve quality”

Barcelona (Spain)

September 5-8, 2002

XV Euprio Conference
“Universities and their regions. The communication challenge for the XXI century”

Durham (United Kingdom)

September 4-7, 2003

XVI Euprio Conference
“Communicating across cultures”

La Valletta (Malta)

September 2-5, 2004

XVII Euprio Conference
“Integrated communication: facts or fiction?”

Krems an der Donau (Austria)

September 1-4, 2005

XVIII Euprio Conference
“Communication in a changing Europe.The implication for Higher Education public relations”

Vilnius (Lithuania)

August 24-27, 2006

XIX Euprio Conference
“Future issues for European universities”

Grenoble (France)

June 7-9, 2007

XX Euprio Conference
“Challenges and solutions: communication strategies for the future”

Stavanger (Norway)

June 12-15, 2008

XXI Euprio Conference
“How to manage the communication function”

Aveiro (Portugal)

June 25-28, 2009

XXII Euprio Conference
“University communicators establish their roles towards 2020”

Stresa (Italy)

September 1-4, 2010

XXIII Euprio Conference
“Communicating knowledge transfer from research to practice”

Prague (Czech Republic)

September 1-4, 2011

XXIV Euprio Conference
“The social contract between universities and society”

Gothenburg (Sweden)

September 6-9, 2012

XXV Euprio Conference
“Students, alumni and staff – the best university brand ambassadors”

Canterbury (United Kingdom)

June 27-29, 2013

XXVI Euprio Conference
“How to communicate in a world dominated by change”

Innsbruck (Austria)

September 4-7, 2014

XXVII Euprio Conference
“Turn it upside down”

Perugia (Italy)

September 6-9, 2015

XXVIII Euprio Conference
“Living the brand”

Antwerp (Belgium)

September 1-4, 2016

XXIX Euprio Conference
“Networking for a better future: universities, cities, companies and regions”

Mannheim (Germany)

June 29-July 2, 2017

XXX Euprio Conference
“The digital transformation. A challenge for communications in Higher Education”

Sevilla (Spain)

June 3-6, 2018

XXXI Euprio Conference
“Inspiring communities. How to engage your audiences and boost your reputation”

Poznań (Poland)

June 16-19, 2019