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Andrea’s first blog…

by Andrea Costa

I know what you think. “Another university blog?”, soon followed by “And where do I find the time for reading it?”

Well, you would be right of course. But as far as we know there is no other blog in Europe specifically dedicated to university communication, and if there has to be one EUPRIO must be its host. This is the beginning of what we hope will be a regular (ok, maybe not so regular but we’ll do our best) playground for debate. Comments are very welcome of course and we will try to raise issues which you will want to comment on.

The EUPRIO Prague conference was two months ago. What do you remember especially? What did you enjoy most, and what was the most valuable experience in professional terms? And if it was your first EUPRIO conference, did you expect anything different?

The 10 months or so before the next conference in Gothenburg will be busy. As was announced in Prague, there will be occasions for discussing next year’s topic (“The Social Contract” between universities and society) at national level; your national representatives will find the most appropriate channel for this discussion and everybody is invited. Moreover, you can also look at this website or our Facebook page and see what others say and voice your opinions. And, why not, propose your own ideas and questions. A bit as if the conference coffee break, that most fruitful moment when you can freely exchange information and advice, was still going on in cyberspace.