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Asking the big questions wins the EUPRIO Awards

  From “What if a graduate programme operated like a football team?” to “What if cattle all over the world were eating Finnish wood?” The marketing and communication team at Aalto University in Finland asked the big questions and won the top prize in 2018 EUPRIO Awards at our annual conference in Sevilla, Spain. This is the 20thanniversary of the first EUPRIO Awards and the first was also won by…

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Wake-up call to marketing in the digital age

Gerry McGovern more than lived up to the high expectations in his opening keynote address to 360 EUPRIO delegates gathered in Sevilla for the #EUPRIO2018 conference, writes Nic Mitchell Young people today feel very empowered. They are very connected, sceptical, analytical and cynical and they are not listening to the experts, warned one of the gurus of recent web developments, Gerry McGovern (pictured), who has worked with some of the…

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