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EUPRIO extends its reach to the South Pacific

Just as Australia is now part of the Eurovision song contest, so EUPRIO has extended its reach to the heart of the South Pacific Ocean by welcoming the University of New Caledonia as one of its newest members, as Nic Mitchell reports.   Sylvian Raffard-Artigue Sylvian Raffard-Artigue must be EUPRIO’s furthest flung member from the European heartlands of Brussels and Paris, but he is now very much part of our…

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Branding under the EUPRIO spotlight in Antwerp

Registration for EUPRIO’s 2016 conference in the delightful Belgian port city of Antwerp is now open. here Nic Mitchell takes a first look at what is on offer in the workshops and presentations. Why should fee-paying international students travel half way round the world to study with you? And what will make scientists and other research partners choose your institution as their preferred partner? The answer often rests on how…

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