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Russian focus on visual communications gets EUPRIO backing

A web conference being organised by a Russian university is being supported by EUPRIO. The webinar-style event will focus on visual communications in new media and is being hosted by Tomsk State University, from May 20-22, 2014. EUPRIO’s President Denis Ancion said: “I’m delighted to accept an invitation for us to be an official information partner and hope EUPRIO members with expertise in this field will put themselves forward as…

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Challenges and opportunities for EUPRIO members in 2014

Funding cuts, immigration controls and higher tuition fees are just three of the challenges facing European universities in 2014 and beyond. But there are exciting developments, too, with the internationalisation of higher education and the opening up of online learning, which offer fresh opportunities for European universities to spread their influence far and wide. So, it is not surprising that EUPRIO’s next conference will be around the theme ‘How to…

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