U-Multirank reveals ‘hidden gems’ in the world’s universities

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European universities are once again able to compare and contrast their activities with rivals around the world and demonstrate that research is far from being the only way of measuring what makes a ‘good’ university. So says U-Multirank, the comparative global university ranking initiative funded up to now by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme. The fourth edition of U-Multirank (UMR) – which claims to have broken the mould of international…

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Spain to pioneer new mobile master’s loans

Students from Africa, Latin America, Asia, Australia, and many European countries at Universidad de La Rioja, Spain

Spain has been picked to pioneer the European Union’s new Erasmus Loan Guarantee Scheme. The scheme, launched in June, offers loans of up to €12,000 for a one-year master’s degree in another European country or €18,000 for a two-year masters abroad. The initiative will eventually receive around €500 million from the budget of the huge Erasmus+ student mobility programme, which the European Commission says will help to raise up to…

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A million babies and better job prospects – thanks to Erasmus!


Two new European reports have highlighted the importance of student mobility and internalisation to the continent. Here NIC MITCHELL looks at the Erasmus Impact Study. And in another blog he considers a paper from the European University Association (EUA) urging European universities to do more to integrate their foreign students.REVELATIONS that one million babies had been born to Erasmus students since 1987 caught the headlines when the Erasmus Impact Study…

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To internationalise – Start by integrating your international students

Integrate international students

Increasing mobility is rising up the higher education political agenda, but how well are European, national and institutional goals for internationalisation aligned and what happens to international students when they arrive at our universities? NIC MITCHELL looks at a new EUA paper to find out. International students at SLU, Sweden   UNIVERSITIES must do more to integrate foreign students and staff if they want to ‘internationalise’ their campus and classrooms,…

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Get ready for EUPRIO 2014

Registration for EUPRIO’s 2014 conference at the University of Innsbruck in Austria is open and here NIC MITCHELL looks at some the sessions on offer. The annual conference, titled ‘How to communicate in a world dominated by change’ takes place from 4-7 September 2014. Among the highlights will be several sessions looking at the ever-closer relationship between business and higher education & research – a development high up the agenda…

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Is the EU relevant to university communicators?

EUPRIANS meet in Brussels to find out EUPRIO President Denis Ancion As university communications staff around Europe struggle with ever-increasing workloads, do they really have time – or the energy – to think about Brussels and the relative importance of what’s happening at the heart of the European Union? That’s the question Nic Mitchell put to EUPRIO’s President DENIS ANCION after the association’s Steering Committee organised a ‘Meet Brussels’ event…

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EU cash crisis threatens Erasmus student mobility

ERASMUS has been one of success stories for the European Union and celebrates its 25th birthday this year. But it faces a cash crisis that could endanger the future of this innovative scheme to encourage student mobility. Campaigners have launched a ‘Save Erasmus’ petition on Facebook attracting thousands of signatures as a last minute bid is made to overturn €1.9billion billion slashed from key EU’s projects, including the flagship Erasmus…

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