How Institutions Can Collaborate To Create A Strong International Profile For Potential Students

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Valérie Jomas Anglade (France)

Valérie Jomas Anglade began her professional career in administrative and commercial functions within international companies (Accor, Regus, Atchik Realtime). Then she worked for twelve years at a national vocational training organization (AFPA) as an instructional coordinator in educational technology, and was commissioned to implement a system for distance learning. Valérie has been working at ENAC since 2015 on the implementation of the portal Toulouse Tech.


This session examines how French Higher Education Institutions combined forces to create an easy-to-use portal in order to increase international recruitment in a competitive global market: Toulouse Tech brings together institutions delivering accredited Masters of Science and Technology within the Université de Toulouse.

The portal Toulouse Tech is intended to become an international hub for Masters programmes in science and technology. It encompasses a wide range of engineering disciplines such as Aeronautics & Space, Agronomy & Agriculture, Computer and Digital Sciences, Electronics, Automation & Embedded Systems, Industrial Manufacturing Quality and Procedures. 

Institutions worked closely together to promote their extensive range of complementary programs via the portal, which was launched in October 2016 and has allowed Toulouse Tech institutions to enhance their international visibility and attract new students under a single banner. The portal is dedicated for foreign students and offers an information and orientation area to help them with their projects. Students can create an account on the portal and apply online for one or more programmes of their choice.

The website and the teaser will be presented during this interactive session to explain portal functionalities according to specific profiles of both student and institutions.