Branding Post Graduate Education: Global Reach but Laser Focus & The Power of Insight (with Edwin van Rest)

euprio 1 Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers is the Vice President, Enrolment Management at The American University of Paris and formerly the Head of Student Recruitment & Admissions at the London School of Economics. He additionally runs his own consultancy, working all over the world on issues broadly related to internationalisation and higher education branding. He has degrees from the Universities of Hull and Westminster and has also studied at the University of Kansas.

Session introduction

This lecture will combine theory, in-depth case experience and global data to understand the topic of postgraduate branding.

Session in depth

The role branding plays in higher education is increasingly significant, and this counts no-less at the postgraduate level. Universities and colleges compete for the attention of domestic and international students just as other service industries do, and issues of visibility, loyalty and reputation have become more apparent in recent years. Education is an exceptionally ‘intangible’ product. In addition, with an increasing number of universities faced with having to charge (full cost) tuition fees, the joint issues of branding and positioning have become much more important. This lecture will offer an introduction to the key aspects of post-graduate branding and how a strong brand is essential in our increasingly competitive higher education environment. It will draw from unique student behaviour data of the global student market and from in-depth cases at London School of Economics and American University of Paris in particular.

Topics to be covered include:

- Brand theory and how that is relevant to the Post Graduate level in particular

- How to develop an Education Brand

- Identify your institution/faculty/programme  – at postgraduate level

- Lessons from other industries

- How data and insight can leverage better branding strategies

- Rolling out a brand: channel strategy 

- Measuring brand