Implementing DAM for improved work with digital images in PR


Sebastian Klarmann (Germany)

Sebastian Klarmann studied business administration at the Westfälische-Wilhelms-Universität Münster with focus on information systems and marketing. Since 2007 he has been responsible for sales and marketing at Programmfabrik GmbH as Chief Marketing and Operations Officer (CMO/COO). He has been involved with the introduction of easydb as a standard software at more than 30 universities.


The popularity of DAM (Digital Asset Management) is growing amongst Universities – especially in marketing and PR. Universities are huge institutions that produce, manage, and reuse thousands of assets like images, audio, video, print material, presentations, and other media data. Furthermore, they have a wide range of users with different IT skills and needs. A DAM system reconciles all requirements and competences when dealing with digital assets. It is a professional software for the management of media data and an easy to use tool for finding and sharing information at once.

Within this session, Programmfabrik GmbH will give an introduction in exactly what DAM is and introduce you to working with DAM according to typical use cases - from starting a DAM project to using it in daily work situations.

Distinguished by 17 years of experience, Programmfabrik GmbH is a professional authority in the field of web-based Digital Asset Management. Extensive expertise is attributed to diverse projects and close cooperation with customers. With easydb, Programmfabrik established the most flexible solution for Digital Asset Management. Over 150 institutions trust in easydb for the management of digital assets.