Managing risk in higher education international partnerships

Primrose Paskins

Primrose Paskins (UK)

Primrose Paskins is Senior International Partnerships Officer at the University of Kent. She is responsible for the relationship management of the University’s international partnerships and networks and for overseeing the institutional approval process for new international partnerships. She has experience of developing a wide range of international partnerships including external delivery models, student and staff exchange, dual and joint awards, and articulation arrangements. Her remit covers all regions of the world.

Primrose’s previous experience is in the management of national and cross-border education and research projects, as well as in international not-for-profit study abroad provision. She has also held a programme management role in an educational charity.


Strengthening and broadening internationalisation requires careful planning. A key concern in the development of international partnerships is the management of risk including reputational risk; this covers academic, safety, environmental, financial, and political concerns. This workshop looks at how the University of Kent (UK) considers risk in relation to the development of international partnerships, mindful of the fact that risk, if not considered properly, has immeasurable consequences for the institution's reputation and the Press Office's role in managing reputation.

The University of Kent has over 380 links with international partners, supporting student and staff exchange, field trips, dual and joint degrees, research collaboration and enterprise activity.

Workshop attendees will be invited to consider their respective institutions’ international partnership activity in relation to risk, and to share their thoughts on how institutions can improve their risk awareness, and consequently reduce chances for reputational damage.