Making a network work - collaborating at the interface of science and community

Michaela Wurm ok

Michaela Wurm, with Johanna Loewen and Lars Tata (Germany)

Michaela Wurm has been responsible for student marketing at Ruhr-Universität Bochum since 2013. Michaela has a B.A. in European Cultural History and an M.A. in Science Marketing. Before working for educational institutions, she worked in the field of public relations.


What does it take to ensure the successful collaboration between a network of universities, the municipal office and the local community? In this session speakers from UniverCity Bochum provide an insider insight into a vibrant local network which has successfully and continuously implemented more than 60 separate science projects since its inception.

Bochum, a city with a population of 370,000, is situated in the heart of the Ruhr region in Germany and, in terms of student numbers, ranks among the top 10 university towns in Germany. Its eight universities, approx. 56,000 students and 10,000 employees, reflect an exceptional academic diversity.

Universities and the municipal administration have been collaborating closely with four partners in the UniverCity Bochum network for many years. The twelve partners work together towards the common goal of strengthening Bochum as a city of science and education and of promoting a stronger identification among the citizens with the scientific institutions of their city.

UniverCity Bochum thrives thanks to numerous contacts and networks in different areas, where teamwork is the underlying principle: this is reflected in the team of speakers at the session who come from the student marketing department at Ruhr-Universität Bochum as well as the project office at UniverCity Bochum.

The session will discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with this form of university/city collaboration, as well as the conditions necessary to create a successful and sustainable programme