Utrecht Science Park: its key role in the Utrecht eco system and the challenges it faces

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Ludo Koks (The Netherlands)

Ludo Koks is Public Affairs Advisor at Utrecht University, which has around 30,000 students and 4,000 staff. He was spokesman of the Board for over six years, and Head of Central Communications. Before he joined Utrecht University, Koks worked for several publishing companies in both sales and editorial jobs.


Utrecht Science Park is the biggest science park of the Netherlands, and is still growing rapidly. This presents many fantastic opportunities in the years ahead - but many challenges as well.

For several years in a row, Utrecht  has been identified as the most competitive region in Europe out of 270 regions. In this session Ludo Koks will examine the reasons for this and explain how the Utrecht Science Park (USP) has become iconic for the identity of Utrecht itself and the key role of Utrecht University within Utrecht Science Park. He will focus on the importance of communications and public affairs in the region and pay particular attention to the forthcoming challenges that USP shares with other science parks around the globe.