Provoking and Entertaining – Confessions of a ‘Scientainment’ Project!

Jaisli ok

Isabel Jaisli, with Petra Bättig (Switzerland)

Isabel Jaisli is a researcher and lecturer in the field of sustainable food systems and is heading the research group “Sustainable Sourcing” within the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences (IUNR) at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). Isabel’s key research interests lie in sustainable sourcing of agricultural commodities and sustainability in food value chains. 

Isabel holds degrees in Tropical and International Agriculture (MSc.), Environmental-Biology (Diploma) and Economics (MAS MTEC ETH). She has worked on different aspects of sustainable development, including rural development, renewable energies and environmental planning, in academia as well for the private sector including a wide range of international projects in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast-Asia.


Did you fly to New York for Christmas shopping or maybe you just really craved asparagus in October? Such regular ‘eco-sins’ can now be confessed in the ‘Ökobeichtstuhl’ (“Eco-confessional box”), a walk-in ‘scientainment’ project at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Using comics and a friendly but firm voice, the eco-confessional box demonstrates the magnitude of the committed eco-sin and proposes different good deeds to compensate for the resulting environmental pollution. All the calculations are based on scientific life cycle analysis.

Through its unusual design and with elements of a computer game, the ‘Ökobeichtstuhl’ is specifically targeted at a young, non-environmentally friendly public. To increase the audience reached during the roadshow of the ‘Ökobeichtstuhl’, a broad digital campaign using websites, youtube, facebook and an app was implemented.

In the workshop, using their experience with this scientainment project and its digital campaign, Isabel Jaisli and Petra Battig will explore further possibilities of using fun ‘scientainment’ projects to promote knowledge and interest in new research in the area of sustainability… How about developing a biodiversity-yoga class, for instance, or an Instagram account for a favourite lab rat?