Axelera: Building bridges between University, Industry and Regions

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François Brunet (France)

François Brunet has been working as Communications Manager of the Axelera cluster since 2009. He has eighteen years’ experience of marketing and communication within SME’s and industrial groups. He is a graduate of ICN Business School Nancy-Metz-Nuremberg.


Based in Lyon, the Axelera cluster is an association of around 345 bodies such as commercial companies, research laboratories, training and regional organisations with interests in chemistry and the environment.

The Axelera cluster fosters the development of innovative technologies with the potential to add value to industrial projects at the crossroads of the chemical, environmental, and energy sectors. The cluster is a major player in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region—a major European industrial centre—with an ambitious international development strategy. It builds bridges between innovation and education/training through activities such as developing new training programs. It also identifies the competencies tomorrow’s businesses will need by facilitating student access to the business world and promotes careers in the chemical and environmental sectors through school outreach programmes.

In this session, Francois Brunet, Communications Manager of Axelera, will explain how the cluster has developed a network of organisations spanning business, research, and higher education to orchestrate R&D projects across five strategic areas: renewable raw materials; eco-efficient factories; chemicals and materials for manufacturing industries; recycling and recyclability; and the preservation and restoration of both natural and urban areas.