Use of student powered branding in Higher Education (with Lotte Finck)

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Annette Lind

With a Master’s degree in International Relations and Communication, Annette Lind has worked in communications and marketing for 16 years, the last seven as the Head of Communication at Aalborg University, the Faculty of Engineering and Science and the Faculty of Medicine. She leads a department of seventeen with a remit including strategic marketing ,digital marketing,press relations, event management, internal communications, and corporate branding

Universities have to ensure a presence in the traditional student recruitment landscape and must be seen as a credible source of information for prospective students.  For many universities these activities are done in a climate where funding for student recruitment is declining. A way to focus on credibility as well as reducing cost is to use students and alumni in branding activities. 

Aalborg University in Denmark has experienced extensive growth in the number of its students during the last ten years. In this workshop Lotte Finck and Annette Lind will focus on student-powered branding and demonstrate how they have involved students and alumni in recruitment initiatives. They will present local, regional and joint national initiatives, all involving student-powered branding and will provide examples of how they use students, to what degree and on which platforms. They will also make a practical presentation on the possibilities and challenges in using student-powered branding, and will focus on providing the audience with ideas that can be adapted for their institutions.