What does good alumni engagement and fundraising look like?

Masterclass on fundraising with Anna Mundell

Anna Mundell (Italy)

Anna Mundell is Italian born with extensive international development and alumni engagement experience built through a long tenure in the USA and over 20 years of consulting experience in higher education in Europe. She is the co-founder of More Partnership Ltd, a leading fundraising consultancy in Europe and currently resident Director of the Development and Alumni Engagement Division at Bocconi in Milan.  Anna Mundell is leading the first ever fundraising campaign for an Italian university, aiming to raise €120 million by 2020 in support of Bocconi’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.  Working closely with the University leadership, the Campaign Board and the fundraising Steering Committee, Bocconi is looking to change the culture among alumni, companies and foundations on the importance of supporting education and thus paving the way for other universities to engage in relevant and impactful alumni and philanthropic work. 


Many institutions understand the importance of engaging alumni and raising private support from them but what does a good programme look like and what does it take to make it work?

The presentation is aimed at those who intend to play a leading role in establishing or strengthening alumni engagement and fundraising programmes at their institutions, and for whom development has become a strategic priority.  The session will combine some theory about what works in universities around the world (with emphasis on Europe, although we’d all like to be like Harvard!), some relevant case studies with examples of successful strategies and stories, and an interactive section where participants can actively work on short assignments in order  to learn from each other’s experiences.

Anna will cover why universities should bother with alumni engagement and fundraising, the cost of not doing it, who to involve to make it a success, common pitfalls, how to set KPIs, how to measure results, and how to demonstrate impact across the whole institution.

Special attention will be dedicated to Bocconi’s experience where alumni engagement is part of the DNA of the institution but has been overlooked over the years as the foundation for alumni fundraising.  In addition, the session will explore examples of fundraising activities that are bearing significant fruit and will review best organizational structures to manage alumni activities.

It will also focus on how alumni engagement and fundraising are perceived within the institution, and how establishing win-win relationships with colleagues, members of the faculty and institutional leadership can lead to efforts that have long-term impact and generate positive reputational returns for the University.