Customer-brand interactions: how brands can leverage online conversation

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Andria Andriuzzi

Andria Andriuzzi is a professor of marketing at Ipag Business School and a member of the Chaire Marques & Valeurs (brands and values research group) at the Sorbonne Graduate Business School in Paris.

Session introduction

This lecture investigates the way brands and consumers use human language in interaction.

Session in depth

Andria Andriuzzi is a researcher with Chaire Marques & Valeurs ( the brands and values research group) at the Sorbonne Graduate Business School in Paris. He will demonstrate how brands can now express themselves through conversation on social media sites, and how such conversation can be seen as an attempt to humanise a brand by adopting human behaviour.

In his lecture, Andria will draw on the research work of three different studies. Based on documentary research, the first study provides a definition of brand conversation. The second study, based on a series of interviews with consumers, shows that conversing brands can improve their image even without the physical presence of a speaker. However, simply being present on social media or personifying the brand will not suffice; to be more human, brands must participate in quality conversation. A third study investigates how managers can improve the quality of brand conversation and develop personalised conversations in order to strengthen the links between brands and consumers. This session will explore how these findings could apply or should be adapted to the higher education sector.