Is branding a science? Visit to an unconventional campus (with Ronane Hoet)

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Alain Mayné

Alain Mayné is Strategic Director at Hoet & Hoet. He studied marketing at EPHEC in Brussels, began his career as an account executive in the DDB group and moved to American Express as a marketing manager. He worked as CEO of an SME specialized in glass design and then worked  for a market research company, before becoming a strategic developer for Hoet&Hoet.

He is member in the communication expert group at STIMA and administrator at the Belgian Marketing and Management Association.

Session introduction

In this session brand consultants share their insights on branding for higher education: What are the fundamentals of branding? Why is it necessary for institutions? And what results does branding deliver?

Session in depth

Based on the latest theories and their experience as branding consultants, Ronane Hoet and Alain Mayné of Hoet & Hoet, Brandsetters will share their branding insights and explore the newest trends.  They will address these questions: 

What are the origins of branding? What are the latest evolutions in terms of marketing and models? What is a brand? In which areas is it used?  How is a brand built? What are the trends in University branding?  What is the essence of a good design? What is a brand universe?  What is brand architecture ?  And what are the basic principles of Intellectual Property?