EUPRIO extends its reach to the South Pacific

New Caledonia University

Just as Australia is now part of the Eurovision song contest, so EUPRIO has extended its reach to the heart of the South Pacific Ocean by welcoming the University of New Caledonia as one of its newest members, as Nic Mitchell reports.   Sylvian Raffard-Artigue must be EUPRIO’s furthest flung member from the European heartlands […]

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Branding under the EUPRIO spotlight in Antwerp

Antwerp by night_1

Registration for EUPRIO’s 2016 conference in the delightful Belgian port city of Antwerp is now open. here Nic Mitchell takes a first look at what is on offer in the workshops and presentations. Why should fee-paying international students travel half way round the world to study with you? And what will make scientists and other […]

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Branding was the focus for Italian communicators

Forum Aicun 2016 Round table CL

Two EUPRIO presidents, one from the present and the other from the not so distant past, attended the annual meeting of the Italian association of higher education communication professionals, AICUN, in Rome. Current president Christine Legrand, from CPE Lyon in France, took part in a round table discussion on university branding with Paolo Pomati, from […]

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End of the one-way communication street!

groningen uni

Leading figures from the world of international higher education gathered at Groningen University in the Netherlands for the first ‘Student of the Future’ conference organised by Dutch-based study choice platform, StudyPortals. Here NIC MITCHELL looks at key issues raised for marketing and communication practitioners. The digital age means an end of the one-way messaging from […]

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Universities want UK to stay in European Union

UK and EU flags

British and European universities have decided they can’t afford to stand idly by in the big debate about whether the United Kingdom should remain or leave the European Union, writes Nic Mitchell.   With a referendum on the matter called for June 23, and opinion polls showing the UK’s voting public pretty evenly split, the […]

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Huge rise in English-taught courses across Europe

Only a tiny proportion of students are on English-taught programmes

There has been a rise of nearly 1,000% in the number of English-taught programmes offered by universities in non-English speaking European countries since 2002, reports Nic Mitchell. The number has gone up from 725 when the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) carried out its first study in 2002, rising to 2,389 in 2007 and 8,089 in […]

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Living the brand at EUPRIO’s Antwerp conference


How can universities encourage their staff and students to live the brand? That’s the key question for EUPRIO’s 2016 conference at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, from September 1-3. Here Nic Mitchell talks to the organiser Jan Dries and Sofia Moestedt-Westerberg, chair of the conference programme, to find out more about ‘Living the brand’. Universities […]

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Merry Christmas Euprians !

Christmas image

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from EUPRIO’s President Christine Legrand and executive board members Paola Scioli, Uwe Steger and Marcin Witkowski to all our members and supporters. We look forward to seeing you all at #EUPRIO16, the ‘Living the Brand’ conference in Antwerp September 1-3. We will be having a competition for our […]

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