Living the brand at EUPRIO’s Antwerp conference


How can universities encourage their staff and students to live the brand? That’s the key question for EUPRIO’s 2016 conference at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, from September 1-3. Here Nic Mitchell talks to the organiser Jan Dries and Sofia Moestedt-Westerberg, chair of the conference programme, to find out more about ‘Living the brand’. Universities […]

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Merry Christmas Euprians !

Christmas image

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from EUPRIO’s President Christine Legrand and executive board members Paola Scioli, Uwe Steger and Marcin Witkowski to all our members and supporters. We look forward to seeing you all at #EUPRIO16, the ‘Living the Brand’ conference in Antwerp September 1-3. We will be having a competition for our […]

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What’s driving European university mergers?

An amphitheatre at Paris Sorbonne University

Universities across Europe are talking about merging or forming alliances and concentrating faculties like never before, writes Nic Mitchell. Since the turn of the century, the European University Association (EUA) has recorded nearly 100 on its interactive merger map. And the pace is accelerating, with eight super-universities or clusters identified in 2012; 12 in 2013 […]

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European Universities for Openness and Tolerance

Open World higher res

European universities have launched a campaign, ‘European Universities for an Open World’, which calls on universities to reaffirm their commitment to the fundamental values of openness, tolerance and solidarity. The initiative comes after many students, teachers and researchers were among victims of the Paris terrorist attacks. Speaking on behalf of Europe’s higher education community, the […]

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Nic wins Higher Education Journalism Award

Nic with the CIPR 2015 Award

Freelance writer and EUPRIO contributor Nic Mitchell has won the prestigious Award for Outstanding Higher Education Journalism from the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Education & Skills Group. The award sponsored by IFS University College was announced at the annual CIPR Education Journalism Awards 2015 in London on 12 November. Nic was up […]

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Liberté Égalité Fraternité! And solidarity!

Paris peace symbol

EUPRIO President Christine Legrand has thanked the many members who have sent her and other French EUPRIO representatives messages of sympathy and support after the gun attacks and suicide bombings in Paris on Friday night (13 November). “These terrible events not only concern France but also Europe, the world and universities everywhere. Liberté Égalité Fraternité! […]

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Innovative selfies campaign wins EUPRIO Award

selfie #IAMIN

An innovative social media campaign encouraging student engagement through ‘selfie’ online images certainly caught the eye of judges and participants at this year’s EUPRIO conference in Perugia. For the #IAMIN campaign, launched to boost the recruitment of top-flight students to England’s Loughborough University, was the overall winner of the 2015 EUPRIO Award, writes Nic Mitchell. […]

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EUPRIO looks at the future of universities

Woman at opening

Great Italian food and weather combined with thought-provoking workshops and speakers helped to make EUPRIO’s 2015 annual conference one of the most successful in recent years. A total of 284 participated, among them 28 speakers, for the three days of intensive networking and learning and sharing fresh ideas in the beautiful historic setting of Perugia, […]

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