edb-DA-by-PFProgrammfabrik GmbH is located in the heart of Berlin and provider of the web-based technology easydb. easydb is a flexible repository for media data with relational structured metadata. In the field of Public Relations and marketing easydb.digitalasset is successfully used as digital asset management system. In 2017 Programmfabrik also launched easydb.digitalasset as standardized SaaS cloud solution.

easydb facilitates and coordinates digital assets to your requirements and skills with a single tool, in which thousands of digital assets, images, video, audio and office are produced and reused by various users. easydb was created to organize digital assets according to metadata, copyrights, and user permissions. It supports workflows and tasks in the digital asset lifecycle – from production to publishing. Optimizing time for superior results and simple work is one of its prevailing values. Main features are :

  • Store and manage digital assets and metadata
  • Rapidly search and locate digital assets
  • Copyrights attached to files
  • Different users and usergroups
  • Organize projects in collections
  • Share assets
  • Invite users to cooperate

Our experienced team is dedicated to creating the most flexible solution available on the market. Furthermore, we accompany our customers, beginning with the first steps of planning a DAM project, to operating easydb in daily business. We offer support, whenever help is needed.


Die Zeit

With a print run of more than 500,000 sold copies DIE ZEIT is Germany’s leading opinion-forming newspaper – read by more than two million readers weekly. Founded in 1946 in Hamburg, DIE ZEIT is published every Thursday – with topics on politics, economy, culture, science, education, society, travel and history. Publishing house and editorial department of DIE ZEIT champion free, democratic and social principles.

DIE ZEIT lays down the agenda, takes a stand, discusses issues from different perspectives and shapes opinions. Its background reports, big stories and opinionated editorials do not only make DIE ZEIT an important source of information but also a medium of orientation for readers at all ages.

The readers of DIE ZEIT primarily belong to the best-educated and high-income sections of the German speaking society. They are highly interested in academic education, academic careers and lifelong learning programs. An important ad-section of DIE ZEIT is its weekly job-market which offers mostly to academics and scientists jobs in research and higher education and it is known for the most competent and largest recruitment place within the scientific community of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (The job offers are found as well on the websites www.jobs.zeit.de and www.academics.de.) Ad-specials for national and international study-programs are published in regularly intervals and meet an interested audience.




JobTeaser is the first career-platform to be integrated directly into the heart of the intranet of business schools, engineering schools and universities. JobTeaser has 1,000 partner companies, 600,000 students on its books and over 220 partner schools and universities using the Career Center by JobTeaser throughout Europe.

Founded in 2008, JobTeaser is the first recruitment platform in Europe for talented young people. JobTeaser has set itself the mission of facilitating and reinventing the professional integration of talented young people. To achieve this, JobTeaser chose to put colleges and universities at the heart of its business model. Specifically, JobTeaser equips colleges and universities with the Career Center by JobTeaser, which enables them to benefit from an innovative career platform that is in line with the expectations of their students. By equipping colleges and universities with a common platform, JobTeaser facilitates recruiter access to talented young people. By facilitating the availability of internship and job offers as well as career-orientated content to students and young graduates, JobTeaser helps improve their professional integration.